T3958 emachine

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Mar 28, 2007
  1. Hi,I have read the many post about emachines.You are right they are cheap,but I did buy one about two years ago.The thing would not turn on at all.I checked to see if motherboard green light was on ,it was not.I did replace the power supply today.The green light does come on but it is still dead.Will not turn on,no fans,nothing.Do you think it might be the motherboard?Would like to fix, but at same time make it a better machine.Hope to hear from you.Thank you.
  2. RickM

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    Hi hope-to-fix,
    I regret to say I am pretty sure your motherboard is gone.
    As you mentioned there are many posts about Emachines the major post is:
    When the Power Supply fries up it takes the motherboard with it.
    What I would do is salvage any peripherals and build a new computer.
    Sorry to give you the bad news... but it is better to know than to keep spending money trying to fix it.
  3. hope-to-fix

    hope-to-fix TS Rookie Topic Starter

    emachine t3958

    Rick,When you say build a new computer,do you mean replace the motherboard?I dont know a hole lot about the insides of a computer.I can change the power supply,motherboard,ect.What motherboard would you chose?Would there be any other parts in the computer you would change?Thank you.
  4. jobeard

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    that box is so limited for expansion, I would not repair but rather replace it.

    A friend has one with some good specs, mhz, ram, HD, but only one free
    PCI slot. I'ved discouraged the addition of a dual-head AGP card and to
    sit-pat and let Vista shake out some bugs before replacing the system.

    Oh yea; he also has Quickbooks which will not run on Vista (yet).
  5. foozy

    foozy TS Rookie Posts: 139

    If you can change out a motherboard without frying it, you probably won't have any problems building a new computer. I'm betting your Hard Drive, CD-Drives, and case are all reusable, possibly your RAM too. Depending on your needs you could get away with shelling out $100 bucks for a brand new 939 or AM2 mobo/cpu set. AM2 would require new RAM, though, so thats another 30 or 40.

    Could you possibly give us postmortem specs on your eMachine? :)
  6. hope-to-fix

    hope-to-fix TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Foozy.when you say specs do you mean Intel Celeron D 2.93GHz / 512MB DDR / 80GB HDD / DVD±RW Dual-Layer / Flash Media Reader / Intel Extreme Graphics 3D I have read on the post that if you change the power supply and mother board that you would have a new computer and a better one that I had.I really dont know how to build a new computer.The one I had before it went out was good for what I need.Don't really want to get a new one.Hope you can help me.Thank you.
  7. MJAGx4

    MJAGx4 TS Rookie

    Graphic Upgrade

    My T3958 came with the typical specs (as listed by hope-to-fix). Here I am 2 years later trying to get it up to par with the others. I'm much too stubborn to replace the motherboard, but I have replaced the 512 RAM w/2G and Vista-ized it.
    My family and I enjoy RPG's, so my next step is to replace and disable the on-board graphics controller (82845G) that is now unsupported by Intel. The snare is that the motherboard is graphic card capable, but provides no pre-soldered slot for AGP (uuuh probably because of the on-board). I'm wondering if a PCI compatible graphics card would perform as well as and AGP-based or even on-board.
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