Tablet sales total 13.6 million in Q2, overtake netbooks for the first time

By Shawn Knight
Oct 25, 2011
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  1. Shipments of tablets rose more than 112 percent in the second quarter to outpace those of netbooks for the first time. Tablet sales are believed to have hit 13.6 million…

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  2. Not at all surprising considering that netbooks have been dying a slow death for a while now.
    I'm pretty excited as my Galaxy tab 10.1 is coming in later this week.
  3. Just got my $99 HP touchpad. Best $99 I ever spent. For $99 I love it. I wanted to lay around and surf the web and read books and things. It does all that and more. Would I spend more than $99 on the tablet...Maybe ...but not much more...certainly nothing over $199 unless it had all the bells and whistles. I think 10 inch screen is a good size but I think the 7 inch screen some are starting to sell is just to small.

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