Take a look at Samsung's retro mobile-style Galaxy Buds Pro cases


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In brief: Do you look back on flip phones from 20 years ago with misty eyed nostalgia? If so, you may be interested in the special charging case covers for the Galaxy Buds Pro that resemble classic clamshell phones.

Samsung revealed the Galaxy Buds Pro at its Unpacked event earlier this month. Featuring 11mm woofers, 6.5mm tweeters, and active noise canceling, the devices come in at $199.99, making them $50 cheaper than Apple's rival AirPods Pro.

The buds' charging case is the standard cube design found in similar products, but Samsung has created a couple of covers to give it a retro-tastic look. Buyers can choose from an Anycall T100 or an Anycall E700 cover, which look very similar to the clamshell handsets of the same names introduced in 2001 and 2003, respectively.

The bad news is that these cases are only available in South Korea right now, writes Gizmodo. Samsung's website lists them as $30 add-ons when buying the Galaxy Buds Pro. That's a little pricey, especially as the front 'screens' are just images and not working clocks.

Hopefully, the case covers will eventually make their way to other regions. Given the current love for all things retro, they'll like prove popular with Galaxy Buds Pro buyers.

Samsung's latest earbuds have received plenty of positive reviews since their launch. Many agree that the Buds Pro offer the best sound quality to come from a pair of Samsung earbuds, while the IPX7 water/sweat resistance make them ideal for sweaty runs and workouts.

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That's a little pricey, especially as the front 'screens' are just images and not working clocks.

What? That's a missed opportunity and a ripoff. I'll bet there'll be aftermarket copies that fix this.