Teach me about Motherboards..........I am n00b.

By death
Jan 26, 2005
  1. Hey guys;

    As the title says, I am new to motherboards. I want to learn about motherboards. So tell me anything you guys know about motherboard. Which one is better? How do you distinguish it from one another? How do you know which is the best one? What all these numbers mean? For example,"ASUS P4P800 SE 865PE S478 800FSB DUAL DDR AGP 5PCI" what all these numbers represent? Is there any site which explains everything about motherboards? I am interested in learning about them.

    thanks guys.
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    About Motherboards.

    Well for starters Asus is the brand, and a good brand at that. P4P800SE is the Model name, a good board, but a litttle outdated. 865pe is the chipset, which is intel 865 pe. A chipset defines what features your board can have. S478 means socket 478 which is the processor socket type. This one is a 478 pin socket for older pentium 4 and celeron processors. 800fsb means 800mhz front side bus. This is the speed at which the processor communicates with the system. Dual ddr is dual channel double data rate memory. Dual channel means it uses two matched sticks of memory kind of like one stick but faster. Double data rate is self explanatory. AGP is accelerated graphics port which is the slot that your video card will use. It comes in 1x, 2x, 4x, and 8x. 8x is obviously the best because it has the most throughput, thereby not slowing down the video card by using a slower slot. 5 pci means it has 5 Peripheral Component Interconnect slots. These are used for adding cards like modems, usb and firewire expansion cards, network cards, sound cards, and tv tuners. Hope this helps, I tried to explain it in simple terms.
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