Tech industry professionals are paying up to $120,000 to have their legs lengthened


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If somebody will date you primarily for your height and not for your intelligence, education, mental stability and social skills, etc... then it's not really a big loss if they don't!!

It's essentially like they're dating you just because of your bank account.


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There are some practical applications to this but vanity shouldn't be involved. There are statistics involving sports that the height of your body increases the chances of success in many sports. The problem is that people that wind up being mildly tall, 6'2ish or so don't stop growing until 24, sometimes 25. So there goes that point. lol
As a shorter programmer myself, I can explain the thinking behind it, but I’d never do it myself. Programmers are already socially awkward and your height effectively limits the pool of women you could possibly date. Very few women want to date men who are shorter than them. A lot of women won’t even date men their height. That’s primarily why, it doesn’t have to do with other guys being taller or probably even self-esteem. Imagine being a guy who’s 5’4 or something, that means that regardless of anything else you might change, more than half of women will always have no attraction to you.

Why someone would want to date a woman who is that superficial that she cares about height that much is beyond me.