TechSpot PC Buying Guide: New-Gen vs. Old-Gen


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No budget 4k 60 gaming build? Your next step up from a value gaming rig is the high end rig and you go from a rx 6600 to a rtx 4080? thats quite a gap in between. Do a build for someone that wants to game on the 4k tv at 60 fps. I would suggest a ryzen 5 5600 and a rx 6800 minimum. dont spend money on a cpu cooler. only spend $50 on a tb m.2 Its still plenty fast. A case should only be $50. 16gb of ram works too.


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This may not be TechSpot's thing but the build guides I value most are ones where the systems are actually built, tuned, and reviewed. Sure we already know roughly what each of the components can do but a great build guide can add specific insights into how well everything fit, what the temps and noise were like, what overclocks were applied*, whether the builder ended up happy with their part selection or would consider changes if doing it again, etc.

*plot twist: on today's top end gear, rather than overclocks, I think I'd rather hear what limits were set to get most of the performance for a lot less of the power / heat / noise.

Another interesting commentary section can be the pros/cons of building now vs. building later (recognizing that there's always some people who need to build now making that moot for them.)


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Considering the energy crisis is spreading around the world, the workstation price above lacks a diesel-electric generator for backup.


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Agree with hover389. There are 6800XTs available in a $500 range (especially at the time of the article) that would shave $700 off that high end gaming system if you didn't need ray tracing. List needs a "bang for the buck" gamer with a $1500 target.
Are we getting near time for a quarterly update to this system guide? I'm itching to pull the trigger on a new build and was wondering what's new since this guide came out! Specifically what updates/changes would be appropriate for "The Value Gaming Rig" since this guide came out?