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Temperatures, overlocking

By H3llion
Jun 17, 2011
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  1. Damn it, typo in the thread title. Temperatures, Overclocking.

    Anyway hey guys :)

    Just wondering about my temperatures if they are fine and If I should continue overclocking my CPU further and beyond 3.6Ghz to around 4.0Ghz.

    I am currently using AMD 555 BE (3.2Ghz stock) 3.6Ghz OC and thinking of OCing it further. Normally I just increased the CPU Freq. from 200 to 225 which gave me 3.6Ghz OC. But today I have turned that off and changed the multilayer from the default to 18 which gave me the same OC. The CPU cooler is Arctic Freezer Pro 7 with also aftermaket thermal paste I recently bough (i screwed it up and so iv used the whole tube in like a day.....)

    Now shall I continue OCing it for more performance by using the CPU Multiplier or the Frequency? How about Voltages are they too low? Anything I should change?

    Currently CPU is idling at 35C (well had firefox opened up with everest, cpuz, speefan + running 20"//17" screens). When playing games like SC2 it gets up to around 50C-60C (can't remember but something along those lines). On the AMD's website it says 70C is where its getting too hot, so i guess i should keep it under that.

    Here is a screenshot of Speedfan, CPUZ and Everest monitoring the temps.


    Bigger Image

    Also any guides about overclocking RAM?



    Vcore Voltage - 1.392V - 1.410V
    3.3 Voltage - 3.360V
    5V Voltage - 4.950V - 5.020V
    12V Voltage - 11.720V - 11790V
    CPU Fan Speed: 2000RPM - 2150RPM

    Oh and when I look at the CPU Temps in the BIOS its always higher then what Everest or Speedfan say....Also MB (mobo i guess) is at 25C so thats all good.
  2. H3llion

    H3llion TechSpot Paladin Topic Starter Posts: 1,313   +258

    Just overclocked to 4.0GHz. Had few BSOD's but that was most probably due to the vcore being at around 1.400 (stock). Changed the CPU Over Voltage to 100 and it booted successfully without errors (its now 1.500V).

    Bus Speed: 200 (default)
    Multiplier: 20.0 (4GHz)
    HT Link: 2010.0MHz

    idle temps with around 2% cpu usage is around 35C
    With 50% load (prime95 bench) and then installing SC2 it was around 44C

    Still need to test it out on full load on Starcraft 2 (that tends to heat up the CPU alot so I guess thats a good test).

    Well I guess I should keep it like this, maybe even increase it hehe (meh won't risk it). Hopefully everything looks good.

    Now time to figure how to OC my ram, if I even should ... wtb guides :p


    Screen of current settings.


    Edit: Going to test it out in StarCraft max settings, see how the temps go and if its stable etc...


    Update 11PM 17th June

    So was playing SC2 maxed at 1600x900 resolution with 1 monitors played fine for around 5-10mins and then BSOD and instant restart. Quickly looked in BIOS and the CPU was at around 50C. I have now reduced the multiplier from 20.0 to 19.5 (running 3.9Ghz). Going to test again tomorrow, bit late now. Still same vcore at 1.5 (1.520V).

    Have problems even when at 3.6Ghz when running dual monitor in games. I play fine with 1 monitor and the other is on firefox and i get a crash with something about nv4_disp.dll error .... Guess its something with the graphics card....

    Uploaded two dump files
    Mini061711-01 is the one probably related to the display crash (nv4_disp.dll)
    Mini061711-02 is the one probably related to the overclock

    No idea how I read .dmp files.... tried in text editor but its all in gibberish :X

    Attached Files:

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