Tenda W150D Router Issue

By Bhaskar Shetty ยท 25 replies
Mar 28, 2014
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  1. Hi All,

    I am having a issue with my new router (Tenda W150D Router), its not giving me access for uploading any files through wi fi on my iphone 5s using app (Wireless Drive), even I tried the same with vlc upload feature in iphone still it doesnt work......

    I think the issue is with the firewall in the router which I cannot access normally from the router setup...

    guys pls help.. any comments are welcome :)
  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    Hmm; accessing a website is an outbound action thru the firewall on port 80.
    A site with file uploading uses the same port 80 as normally used for surfing the web.

    We need more data to analyze the problem
    ?What URL are you accessing for the upload?

    from this "iphone 5s using app (Wireless Drive)", I assume the data moves this way:
    ISP==router -- wifi to your 5S: using an app called Wireless Drive​
    ?can you confirm this please?

    ?are you sure you're accessing the router and NOT attempting upload via the cellular connection?
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  3. Bhaskar Shetty

    Bhaskar Shetty TS Member Topic Starter

    1. the wi fi network I am trying to access is

    2. the data moves from ma PC --- Router ---- Iphone 5s

    3. I was doing it with my last 3 routers "Netgear, D-link & TP-Link" only this router has this issue :(
  4. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    Why are you specifying a port? Perhaps this is normal and I just don't know any better.
  5. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    If @SNGX1275 is commenting to me, then the setup could easily be non-standard and the firewall could be the issue.
  6. SNGX1275

    SNGX1275 TS Forces Special Posts: 10,742   +421

    @jobeard - sorry about that, his post was awaiting moderator approval, but I didn't notice that until just now.
  7. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    HMM; why the port 4096?

    the wifi connection is to the router at, and accessing would be a server connected to that router. If there's an access problem, look on the device at 1.144, as the router would not be involved at all UNLESS you or someone set blocking. Does the device at 1.144 operate as expected???
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  8. Bhaskar Shetty

    Bhaskar Shetty TS Member Topic Starter

    I gave the port id because its what is showing up in my cell phone application "Wireless Drive" to connect & IOS application "Vlc player" is giving a different port id..

    in this both application I was able to download songs,Videos & books through my old wi-fi..

    this is a tenda issue, you can see it a big issue with tenda routers :(
  9. Bhaskar Shetty

    Bhaskar Shetty TS Member Topic Starter

    sorry I dont know a lot about ports & its sharing.... I am just a bit new "noob" to networking :)
  10. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    BTW: there are two versions of that router V3 & V5 seen here
    (the manual & the firmware updates are here)

    The first question ought to be What is attached at 1.144? Did you set that address? You can't just pick any number.

    For example, I have a Linux server doing all kinds of things. If I were careless and let DHCP pick its address, then none of my systems could find it in a reliable manner. SO, I gave it a fixed address 1.abc, so each system on my lan could map the shares and access the Webserver. If just so happens, that my webserver is NOT on port 80 (for privacy and security reasons) and if I were to allow access from the Internet, the router would need to
    port forward port zzz -> 192.168.1.abc:zzz​
    You should be able to see that if the server is not at 192.168.1.abc, then the access to port zzz will always fail.

    Login to the router and look for ... NUTS! I was going to have you look to see a list of Attached Devices, but the Tenda W150d doesn't have that service :(
  11. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    Suggest you download and install http://www.mylanviewer.com/network-ip-scanner.html
    and it will show you everything on your LAN. the 1.144 device *MUST* exist or else you have misunderstood
    what you are attempting to access and where it is located.
  12. Bhaskar Shetty

    Bhaskar Shetty TS Member Topic Starter

    first of all thanx for such quick replies :) I really appreciate it :)

    I have a indian version here and the version is V1.0.1.15 I didn't find it in the product page but this is the recent one as this is showing firmware date of july 2013...

    I am using windows 7 sp1 ultimate here as this will be helpful for you to know the same...

    the set address is given by the application in my IOS which is the same in VLC Player as well...

    I am attaching some screenshot for assisting you in solving the same... Address. Firmware Version.
  13. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    Hmm; I see that, but to me, it appears to be on the WAN side.
    DL the program I noted above, install, run and get a snapshot of it please

    a snapshot of mine is attached.
    Notice the descriptions. expanding all (the second to last green arrow pointing right)
    gives all the details.

    1. the device 1.144 must show up
    2. it should be the device/service you expect
    get me a snapshot of the collapsed and expanded results please

    Attached Files:

  14. Bhaskar Shetty

    Bhaskar Shetty TS Member Topic Starter

    I have attached the image for your assistance here... Lan viewer.

    1st one is my router & 2nd one is my netgear wi fi dongle using on ma pc...
  15. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    Hmm; notice that is not available? Neither is the
    Get ALL devices attached and get another snapshot please
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  16. Bhaskar Shetty

    Bhaskar Shetty TS Member Topic Starter

    Here I am attaching a screenshot from my cell phone


    now after this tell me what to do, as before I just had to put the above address in my browser and it would connect.. now it doesn't with this router !!!

    P.S :- the "my lan viewer" display is the same after I have started this application on my phone so I am not attaching it again
  17. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    So, the shows up this way but NOT in the Lan Viewer?
    Can you PING If you get timeouts, then that confirms that the device does not exist and explains why Lan Viewer can't see it. Without access, the port number is meaningless.

    Yes, I know you've said "once upon a time I ...", but this is a new configuration. Every router will supply an address on your LAN using DHCP unless YOU have intervened and forced it to do something else.

    Pure and simple:- if it can't be seen, then it can't be accessed. Solve this issue and maybe we can help you.
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  18. Bhaskar Shetty

    Bhaskar Shetty TS Member Topic Starter

    Here's the dhcp adress of my router...
    DHCP Server.
    & here the same ip is showing up for my iphone :-
    DHCP Server I.
    & here I can add server address I think !!!

    DHCP Server II.

    I am confused here...
  19. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    GOOD, dhcp is correct and the static assignment will work. So, when is online you should be able to ping that address - - CAN YOU?

    Had another thought: Your iPhone should be able to access your Pc File Shares - - Can it?
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  20. Bhaskar Shetty

    Bhaskar Shetty TS Member Topic Starter

    thats the problem, I can't :(

    nope, I have to connect it by wire to transfer each & every file...
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  21. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    The router can block pinging of its OWN address, but not any of the attached devices. PING is a protocol and not a PORT, so access to ping is controlled at the remote (ie target) device. This suggests
    • the device is not attached
    • the device is configured to reject pings (a security consideration).
    Can you determine when the iPhone was last updated?
    Have you looked at all of the iPhone settings?

    Here's an approach to locate the device causing problems:
    1. attach your iPhone to someone else's router
    2. swap your new router for the old one (assuming it's still available)
    If either (1,2) work, then it's something in the new router as you have asserted all along.

    If neither 1 or 2 work, then it's the iPhone.
  22. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    I just saw the config info for the App. Let's reset and try again. PLEASE perform these steps in this sequence.
    1. Disable the App wifi connection. You can leave Airplane mode as it is (off)
    2. Fully power off the iPhone - - we want a cold restart
    3. wait 30 seconds
    4. Power on the iPhone
    5. wait 30 seconds
    6. Now Enable the WiFi Upload App
    Notice the IP address and port number it reports

    Now try accessing the PC with it

    Attached Files:

  23. Bhaskar Shetty

    Bhaskar Shetty TS Member Topic Starter

    I connected my phone to my old router which is not connecting to the internet but it does connect easily to my iphone without any issues :)

    P.S : I am using IOS 7.1 on my iphone..
  24. Bhaskar Shetty

    Bhaskar Shetty TS Member Topic Starter

    I did as per the steps:-

    the ip address does change but the port is the same :( I still cannot access the page :(

    P.s : sorry for late replies, I don't get time to reply in my working hours...
  25. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 11,130   +982

    Big difference in our timezones, so delay in replies would be expected buddy :)

    To be blunt, I am stumped on this one. The last two attempts point strongly at THIS router which is very unusual.
    To clarify what you are attempting,
    • the iPhone becomes a server (anything that creates the port number is the server side),
    • and your browser is attempting to access a server on a specific port.
    Open the router config panel and allow all outbound connections. This is the standard router configuration and is usually the default.

    If that too fails, then look for a firmware update for it and/or a very large hammer :grin:

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