Tesla HQ is leaving California behind, will move to Austin, Texas instead


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BTW, great research.
A lot of it was from one of my Trade magazines discussing some possible negatives of construction projects in other States. It covered all 50 states in 33 pages. 3 of those pages alone were the list for Texas. There are many more.
Crime, executions, shameful record on health care.

And also, you spelled "seceding" so badly
Yeah, I missed that. My spell checker decided I meant this:

I corrected it since it's quoted. Thanks.


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Texas has the worst beaches in America, and maybe in the world.
I guess Jimmy Webb didn't lknow any better when he wrote this:

But I suppose he was comparing Galveston's beaches to being in Vietnam.

(Note the Adamas 12 string, and the key dropped from the recording in F to D.

BTW, who in god's name wrote that Thesaurus? Methinks it was either a rap artist, or someone completely unfamiliar with colloquial English.
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