Tesselation in Crysis?!

By Captain828
Nov 3, 2007
  1. pls tell me if i am wrong or not, but isn't tesselation currently not possible with DX10? (on GPU, not offline)

    while playing with the .cfg-s in the CVarGroups folder of the Crysis Demo, i couldn't help but notice that in sys_spec_Water.cfg there are lines that mention tesselation

    i've done some research and it seems that tesselation will be available with DX10.1. Doesn't this imply the fact that Crysis ALREADY HAS DX10.1 features in it?

    again, pls correct me if i am just talking fud here. I'm just curious to hear other opinions...

    PS: I'm not so sure this thread should be in the gaming section, but i haven't seen a better one

    EDIT: as a side note, Crysis seems to be using Ray Tracing as well; another feature that can only be implemented (for now) offline; no details when it will be implemented Real-time; certainly not in DX10.1, as it also requires a new GPU (I read that nVidia's new [read: next gen] 1TerraFlop GPU does support it )

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