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Text link advertising

By altyfc
Oct 9, 2003
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  1. Hello

    I am working on a portal which aims to collate information on text link advertising opportunities that can be found on the web. This is aimed at being a resource for those that aren't shy of spending a few hundred $$ per month.

    Admittedly, part of the purpose behind the site - as well as it being a helpful resource to us and its visitors - is to hopefully draw attention to text link advertising opportunities that exist on a number of our own sites.

    My questions are:

    1) does this sound like a good idea?
    2) is it something you would use yourself?
    3) are you aware of any similar sites out there?
    4) what would you look for in such a site?

    My thoughts so far are:

    1) maybe
    2) ?
    3) I haven't yet come across any
    4) obviously it would be useful to present things like rates, number of text links that you get for that rate, targeted categories, Google PR, Alexa ranking, etc.

    I've drafted something very quickly at which will hopefully give a fuller insight into what I'm trying to put together.

    Most of the links don't work at this early stage (that's deliberate) but you can click on the 'Travel' category, and from there you can click on 'Aardvark Travel'. Each featured site will have a page like this, with links that enable users to get a fuller insight into the site's popularity and size.

    Any comments on this as a first idea would be appreciated. It's very much work in progress so I expect plenty of criticism at this early stage.

    Thanks all...

  2. LinkBliss

    LinkBliss TS Rookie

    Yes! The market for links is a bit down as Google has tweaked the algorithms to make them of less value, but links are still good, especially long term (> 6 mos.).

    I would recommend you try to make it as "self-serve" as possible. I threw up a site at LinkBliss (com) but there's not much interaction, in particular I would want people to register their sites themselves. For now they would have to contact us so we make the link package available.

    There are some good ones, linkadage in particular. Also see text-link-ads and textlinkbrokers. If the market were a little more healthy I'd be inclined to develop LinkBliss more along the lines of one of the above, but for now I'm satisfied to at least be offering a number of quality packages.


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