Text-to-911 has arrived but support is limited

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The nation's four largest wireless carriers have flipped the switch on a service that allows text messages to be sent to 911 operators in the event you can't place a phone call. Unfortunately, that doesn't necessarily mean the service will...

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Don't you just love it, when your house is on fire, to find out the local emergency centre has expired its license for receiving notifications? That is brilliant.

If "flipping the switch" doesn't work, then "switching the flip" might be the solution ;)

But seriously, there is an eternal truth that people scream for help when it is badly needed, they do not chat about it, not to mention that one's hands are likely to shake in an acute situation.
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It would probably be better if the phone went into tracking mode, if help was ever requested by txt'ing 911. If the person is out of range for normal calling, why waste time chatting instead of instantly responding? Put an officer there that can communicate immediately. And charge false alarms with small fines to discourage people wanting to joke around.


And charge false alarms with small fines to discourage people wanting to joke around.
Wouldn't work here in Ireland...

Emergency prank call - week of public service;
Cheating with your mate's girlfriend - shitload of problems;
Calling for a fire brigade to your mate's house after seeing him sneaking in drunk with a date - priceless.
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They can also try putting this service on Facebook and ask the texter/caller/victim to "like" them if the ad's were appropriate and the service was good once the ordeal is over.