By topps999
Apr 5, 2007
  1. yeh thanks for all the flame from every1 in my last post i dont talk in 'text or slang' i write so fast that sumtimes i make stupid mistakes and its easier for me to talk how i talk on msn and in games if i talk proper it will take me a good 10mins more... its not my fault u can do simple maths + english by working out the sumthing = something or... wat ever its not exactly hards its scienceticically proven that aslong as the first and last letters are the same the brain can understand unless ur complete retards then u shud beable to understand the way i talk. ((ok tanhk you for yuor hlep i wlil slitl be psoting eevn tohugh i jsut got mjaor faleemd by all poplees idnucilng Mods.)
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  2. JimShady23

    JimShady23 TS Maniac Posts: 373

    Your Welcome :D

    In my defence I wasnt ripping on you but the guy that posted a few lines down talking like he is in the hood.

    However you do need to look at the bigger picture ( and yes it was wrong of persons unnamed to ridicul your typing as it was not terribly bad ) on how frustrating it is when somone makes a bad past that is seeking help and I think this is what most people where trying to get at.

    After all we are here for the common good of everyone that needs help (alternate motives aside) with issues and good communication from the person seeking help is critical. A thread saying " My computer makes a noise when I turn it on, please help, Thanks" is very ignorant as it does not give a complete detail of the problem at hand and takes up a lot more time on our end to get the info we need to diagnose the problem.

    Such "bad posts" combined with very bad typing is even worse.

    Again, that is the big picture that I think everyone (beside a certain few that were just trying to be disrespectful from the get go) were trying to say.

    And after all it should not have been made such a big deal about your typing due to the fact that you were just trying to make a suggestion on "fun" things that TS could do rather than being is sometime mundane self.
  3. howard_hopkinso

    howard_hopkinso TS Rookie Posts: 24,177   +19

    I certainly didn`t flame you in your other thread. I merely pointed out my opinion on what turned into a debate on grammar.

    None of the members/mods who posted in your thread flamed you from what I can see. Maybe there was a little tongue in cheek humour/sarcasm, but that was all.

    No one called you any names and certainly didn`t refer to you as a retard, which you now appear to be suggesting we are.

    All we`re saying is it doesn`t take much effort to post in a clearly legible manner, that makes it easy to read for all concerned.

    I`m closing this thread before it starts to go downhill, as I`m sure it will if left open.

    Regards Howard.
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