The Best Phones - 2023 Update

Once again, motorola is left behind. In the "Great value" section, you have 2 android phones with inferior battery life, one of which is 50% MORE expensive then a Moto g power or stylus, and an iphone with abysmal battery life and a similarly inflated pricetag. WTF are you thinking there?

Then, in the "best for most" category, you mention google, samsung, and apple again, with motorola only getting a mention for their foldable, which you admit is better in almost every way except cutting edge power, yet you make no mention of th emotorola edge, which has the same 8 gen 2 SOC as the samsung phone, is $100 cheaper, has a larger 5100 MaH battery, and doesnt have touchiz!

How do you manage to miss these every single year?
Missed the Motorola phone lineup, excellent contender for Value/Budget phones.
I swear somebody at techspot has a hate-on for motorola.
Moto served me well.
I would still be buying those if I did not have the means to get the best
of the phone world.
My moto g power is 4 years old now, still works great. Every time I see someone with a $1500 iphone or samsung, I always ask myself "why? This one does everything those do, and it was $200". AND I get better battery life then those ones do.
Hey! Guess what! Come back here in 365 days, and I'll bet the story will be how the (insert name of phones from 2024) are the best phones you can buy! LOL
Why didn't you mention Motorola devices or even Tecno
Tecno spark 10 pro is the best budget phone just under 200$ it offers 256GB rom and 16GB ram good 50MP front camera and 32MP selfie camera
Seems that you can buy/build a PC for productivity for less then for the flagship phone
how this flagship phone will help you is other question
is it AI capable? is it do something that you cant? [here ill stop with the questions :)]
Been a pretty happy A14 user for a few months now. It almost matches my old A51 phone, which is old yeah, but it's still a few tiers above A14 and was around twice the price of A14. All I need is for a phone that can handle YouTube Revanced along with around 4 always-on background apps (Resilio Sync, KDE Connect, Surfshark VPN, and GadgetBridge), ~3 or so chat apps, and can run Honkai Starrail. A14 does that, and that's good enough for me.