The computer is turning on but the monitor won't show anything

By gavinf1993
Jul 6, 2010
  1. A few nights ago my sister was playing on my computer and I don't keep the side cover on, anyway she dropped my headphones into the gap and it froze the computer so i turned it off and rebooted thats when it happened, it wont do any beeps when I turn it on and I dont want to pull anything apart since I dont know what is what all the fans are working the lights are working tried 2 monitors on it still nothing please give me some advice and dumb it down a bit so I can understand it *they are pretty big headphones* thank you to anyone that helps.
  2. raybay

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    Your information on your hard drive is probably good.
    Your headphones could be ruined. What is more, your motherboard may be unrepairable.
    So many components could have been damaged... cpu fan, one or more memory modules..
    to save your data, I would remove the hard drive, and attempt to install another.
    It is possible that every component will need to be tested, or that a simple change will bring it back to life. The problem is you don't know which. It is possible that a knowledgeable friend would be as good as a professional technologist, but I would get help from someone if your system is important to you.
  3. gavinf1993

    gavinf1993 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    thanks, im getting a professional technition to come and check it out
  4. baldyman10

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    If the computer stays on and there is just no monitor signal and if your motherboard has onboard video, try removing the graphics card and then resetting the CMOS then plug your monitor cable into the motherboard port. If this works then you know that your video card is at fault.
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