The Epic Games Store's 'Spring Showcase' event will bring new game reveals, sales, and...


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Something to look forward to: Epic already has a strong presence in the gaming industry: as an engine maker, a platform holder, and an original IP creator. However, that's not enough for the gaming giant -- come Spring, Epic will be holding its own mini online-only gaming convention. It'll be called the "Spring Showcase," and it will feature announcements, gameplay clips, and more from upcoming games arriving on the EGS.

The showcase itself will stream live on Twitch come Thursday at 2 PM Eastern, so be sure to follow Epic's official channel for notifications -- if you're at all interested in seeing what the company has up its sleeve, that is.

Alongside the Showcase, Epic will be rolling out the Showcase Sale, which will include steep discounts on a variety of titles, both new and old. The fantastic Assassin's Creed: Valhalla will be "up to" 20 percent off, as will Hades.

Cyberpunk 2077 is seeing a more moderate 10 percent discount, and both SnowRunner and Star Wars: Squadrons are set to get 40 percent price cuts. These are just a few of the games Epic plans to temporarily discount -- there will be plenty more.

The Showcase Sale kicks off on the same day as its corresponding livestream, but a few hours earlier at 11 AM. Epic plans to bring the savings to a close on February 25 at the same time.

We're not sure exactly what announcements or reveals the Spring Showcase will include, but if there's anything notable for PC gamers, we'll certainly do our best to cover it here.

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I'm guessing this article was not updated to reflect the new claims that a hacker got all the source code from Cyberpunk and another game ..... no doubt that will have a fiscal impact on them!


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Will keep a look out for the sales, EGS usually has the cheapest prices. But couldn’t care less about all the other crap and I certainly won’t be tuning in on twitch.