The GeForce GT 710 can run Horizon Zero Dawn pretty well -- at 72p


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I'll get by, not precious about 60FPS - I'm partially sighted and don't play competitively, have 4K monitors but can downgrade to 1080p so not an issue.
The only game that hasn't hit 1080p60 is Microsoft Flight Simulation, lawdy that game is a beast.

Why don't you just get a console? :p


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depend on the resolution

for 4K 3090 or 6900xt is the best

but for 1440P/1080P the 3090 is a bit overkill, mid range like 3080, 6800 XT are enough

I think even the 3070 can do 1440P just fine,

Yeah, it wasn't a serious post. I was making a joke reply to an earlier comment. I'm still at 1080p 144hz with my 3060 ti.