The GeForce4 Family

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Mar 28, 2002
  1. JAV

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    New & upcoming nVidia based cards

    Upon searching the nVidia site I noticed a new Ge Force 4 card listed: Ge Force 4 MX460 ( ). It appears to be a screamer. I tried to contact nVidia to get some further specs on the card (core & memory clock speeds) but haven't been able to get thru on the phone. I emailed them & hope for a reply soon. ;)

    I called my card mfg. (VisionTek) & spoke to a tech rep about it. He doesn't have any info at the present on the GF4 MX460 BUT he did tell me VisionTek is in the preliminary stages of releasing a GF4 Ti 4200. That will make the GF4 'family' 6 cards deep: MX420, MX440, MX460, Ti4200, Ti4400 & Ti4600.

    I spoke to him about the issue of PCI cards (which I run) & AGP cards. He stated that he *believes* the Ti4200 is going to be mfg. in both styles. Good news for those of us w/PCI. :cool:

    I'm unaware of this info anywhere else & got this info on my own from 'the horses mouth', so to speak. Hope this meets the criteria for posts in this venue & my sources (as noted) are the Nvidia website & a tech rep at VisionTek.

    Have a good one,
  2. Julio Franco

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    Not to be rude but that info was hmmm... released over a month ago, I guess you have also missed some of our recent news and articles posted on the site ;)
  3. Didou

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    PCI ?

    I can allready predict the soon to be threads "I have a Celeron 400 - i810 combo & my brand new GF4 TI 4200 only gives me 20 fps. Is my card broken ?" ;)
  4. Julio Franco

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    Now, this in the other hand is new ;) ...
  5. Th3M1ghtyD8

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  6. Project2501

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    Geforce 5?!?!

    I'm not at all happy with Nvidia's announcement of a new chip. New technology is always cool but from an end user stand point, Nvidia's move is not good business. They are seriously diluting their card line up enough with all the GF4 versions. What about those of us that just got our hands on GF4 4600's? It makes one feel like they've been taken for a ride. There are no games currently released that take advantage of GF 4 tech nevermind a whole new Chip. Bad move Nvidia.:dead:
  7. Didou

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    That's one way of seing it.

    Another way of seing it is once the new nVIDIA cards are out ( it won't be GF5 ), a GF4 4600 will be cheaper. nVIDIA's strategy has always been to release better chips in a speed that left almost no chance to competitors. I'm sure this announcement is supposed to make people forget the Matrox rumors of a killer card.

    If you've been around this "market" for long enough, you'll know that going out for the fastest thing out there is never the way to go ( unless you have the cash in which case you don't really care if it's phased out in a few months since you can afford to buy the new fastest ).

    Our credo in this forum is "Best bang for the buck" :grinthumb . You won't get that sour taste in the mouth once you realise that what you just bought isn't the greatest anymore.;)

    PS. I'm not being harsh or rude or anything, it's just my .02$ :)
  8. JAV

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    I don't take it as rude & this isn't intended that way either, but the only references to the GF4 Ti4200 I have seen on this site are a mention (or hope for 1) in a review of the 4400 & 4600:


    The release of a cheaper, very overclockable Ti4200 *could* make of this a less attractive offering" quoting: [emphasis added]

    and in pricegrabber: but the vendors don't have any & the mfg listed (VisionTek) is who I spoke to.

    The reviews I have read on reference card 4200's (during the last 2 months) say the 460MX is not going to be made & the 4200 will take its place, yet nVidia just put it on their site. *I* thought that was news, good news.

    If I missed the 'news' articles dealing with the listing of the 460 as an actual card (not a reference/under development card) oops! :eek: If I missed a review of an actual retail 4200, dbl oops!:blush:

    If you could provide me a link to either/both (on THIS site): it would be appreciated & sorry I didn't find them in the first place. I did use 'search' on the home page. :rolleyes:


    PS: the 'preview' D8 links to (where are your links?) is only 2 days old & isn't even on this board!

    PPS: Who is Huang? Thought we were supposed to identify our sources here. Is it a Mr, Mrs, Miss, Ms. CEO, COO, Pres, VP. PR rep, salesman? Is Huang associated w/nVidia? Merrill/Lynch? :confused:
  9. Didou

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