The History of the Modern Graphics Processor


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Since every computer in the last 20 years has a PCIe slot for the gpu, I've kept a Nvidia 7300 around as an emergency spare. It's seen many systems over the years as I've had to diagnose what a problem was in windows as it works in everything from WFW 3.11 to Win10 and many of the Open Source systems such as Linux and FreeBSD. The only thing I'd love to do is replace the PCB with an x1 slot based as that would make it perfect for a server card.


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Once 3DFX died; so did true innovation. AMD and Nvidia are quite boring lock step companies that take no chances and do no innovate anywhere to the degree the Americans did.


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It has less to do with the company ethos and more to do with the extreme complexity and expense of making a modern GPU.

Really in the modern era most innovations happen in the game engine and trickle up to the GPU (game engine develops some new feature people like and devs use and gpu makers figure out a way to accelerate that feature).