The machine starts with no screen signal

Hi, Just a few days ago I started the machine and there was no screen signal. I have tried the signal wire and the monitor, everything is fine.

After rebooting a few times the screen got a signal but it repeated every time I booted it up for the first time of the day. What error could that be? Thank!


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You haven't given any detail about the computer. Sounds like the GPU often referred to as the graphics card is the issue. If it's a laptop you are likely looking at a new laptop. If it's a tower the GPU is a straightforward replacement, so long as you take anti static precautions and know how to enter and exit the BIOS without screwing everything up. You need to be sure it is compatible with your system and also has the right type of physical connector for your motherboard. Motherboards often have the option to switch between built in graphics on the the motherboard's CPU or an additional graphics card via the BIOS. If you are not confident about proceeding after internet searches take it to a workshop.