the memory could not be "read"- written during gameplay!!

By aalek
Dec 12, 2005
  1. :angel: Hello everyone!
    During Breakthrough game the computer wrote: The instruction at "0x22603807" referenced memory at 0x1423c000" the memory could not be "read"!!
    Can someone provide me some answears?!
  2. Candyman

    Candyman TS Rookie

    Bad memory

    You probably have failing memory sticks. I had the same issue when I purchased "value ram"; it lasted for a month and then my games started crashing...I could not install anything, and blue screen lockups started.

    Google Memtest86 and download the software. Follow the directions by rebooting and running it before Windows starts (in the bios). If alot of red errors come up...I bet they will, you have chips that are bad.
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