The new Amazon Fire Max 11 is the company's biggest tablet ever, starts at $230

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In brief: Amazon has introduced its largest and most powerful tablet to date. The new Fire Max 11 features an 11-inch display (2,000 x 1,200 resolution, 213 PPI) framed by slim bezels and covered in alumino-silicate strengthened glass that is said to be three times as durable as what Apple uses on its 10.9-inch (10th gen) iPad.

It is powered by a 2.2 GHz octa-core processor (MediaTek's MTK8188J – two Arm Cortex A78 cores and six Arm Cortex A55 cores) alongside 4 GB of memory. According to Amazon, it is nearly 50 percent faster than the company's next fastest tablet.

Other notable specs include up to 128GB of integrated storage that is expandable via microSD card slot, Wi-Fi 6 and Bluetooth 5.3 wireless support, eight megapixel front and rear cameras, support for Dolby Atmos, and up to 14 hours of battery life on a single charge. It is also Amazon's first tablet with fingerprint recognition technology as an added layer of security – simply touch your finger to the power button to unlock the tablet.

Amazon's new slate measures 259.1 mm x 163.7 mm x 7.50 mm (10.2 in x 6.4 in x 0.3 in) and weighs 490 grams, or 17.28 ounces. Alexa compatibility is built in, as is support for optional accessories including a detachable keyboard case and a stylus. The device dashboard on the home screen, meanwhile, makes it easy to use Alexa to control smart home devices.

The new Fire 11 Max is available to pre-order now starting at $229.99, which gets you 64 GB of local storage and lockscreen ads. For an extra $15, you can do away with the lockscreen ads and if you want to double the storage, it'll cost you $50 more. A bundle including the tablet, keyboard case, and stylus starts at $329.99. For comparison, a 10th-gen iPad with a comparable 10.9-inch screen starts at $449.

Look for the new Fire 11 Max to ship in June backed by a one year limited warranty.

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This could be excellent for media consumption. I'd like to see a review when they become available.


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11" Laptop.

Sometimes I wonder if tech manufacturers and optometrists have an....... agreement.

it's not a laptop. hope that helps.

as for the topic, looks cool I want one. shame no benches on the new cpu. 229 pricy historically, (the current Fire 10 HD is 149, sales for 99 even 75 sometimes iirc) but these usually go on heavy discount. So this should maybe sale at 149 eventually? Really nothing else touches these Amazon tablets for value. The tradeoff is you dont get real android (and nobody suggest sideloading the play store, that inevitably eventually causes issues)

If they eventually go as far as a half off discount eventually like on the last model, it means this could eventually go on sale for $115. I kinda dont actually expect that, maybe 129?

Honestly this seems nice. with the kb can even be a really cheap laptop replacement in a pinch. I currently use my tab s7 that way, though honestly it's not ideal, it does work.