The new AMD Phenom

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I was searching around and i stumbled across the AMD Phenom Quad-Core awesomeness.

I noticed it is shipping in the UK already for 166.66UK. Its not set for release here in the U.S. Until early 2008.

I was mainly wondering if i could acquire one from the UK would it like our AM2 Mobos?(in other words would our AM2 mobos run a Phenom, if it only runs up to a FX) Or should i not risk it and just wait until its released here.

I can get one before christmas because i have friends over there who would order it and ship it to me all i would do is repay them. So would it be worth it? Or should i get the CPU and a Mobo (that specifically says it runs the Phenom)from the UK too? Or i could just wait, but i really dont want too :p

EDIT*** Overclockersclub has 10+ in stock too :D


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I've heard that it's performance compared to the intel is not worth it. I think its better to wait until they release the Phenom FX, which the review said around early next year.


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The AMD Phenom will work on some AM2 motherboards. It would be best to take a look at your motherboard manufacturer, look for the latest BIOS & see if they mention anything about support for Phenom processors. They also sometimes have a CPU support page which can inform you on which CPUs will work on which motherboard maybe even the board revisions & BIOS versions that will work.
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