"The Next Step, Hi-Speed USB 2.0" by Toms Hardware

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Apr 11, 2002
  1. I really enjoyed reading this article, and I recommend that you read it as well if you like....

    Go here: http://www.tomshardware.com/storage/02q2/020410/index.html
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    This is interesting!!! :) I would like to see Firewire be implemented more into PC's because I believe it has real potential.

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    The whole battle between USB and Firewire, which in its self is fought on several levels, is looking more and more like turning into a VHS vs Betamax contest with Firewire appearing to be a superior technology but USB finding itself more openly accepted into the PC world. With USB 1.1 being used for devices such as mice, game controllers, scanners and a few other devices, firewire at the moment still seems to have digital video, recordable devices (USB 2.0 is starting to make its mark on this market more), networking (Creative Audigy) and a few others in its corner. It will be as interesting to watch what happens with USB and firewire as it is to watch what happens in the CPU market.
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    There is the possibility of USB 2.0 bringing cheap, easy hot swappable RAID 5 to workstations. Instead of more expensive solutions based on the SCSI bus, USB 2.0 could provide this for cheaper IDE drives, but they could still be hot swappable. Now that would kick ***.

    Internal USB hard drives.... yes... they are no doubt on their way..... With removable bays!

    Also, being able to keep a laptop HDD in your pocket and connect it to any PC or laptop you liked with USB 2.0.... Come on! You can keep those things in your shirt pocket!

    I agree that firewire is possibly the superior tech, but USB is getting to be so well known and easily adopted.... How many motherboards do you know that have firewire adapters integrated into the chipset like USB, audio and networking?? Maybe some Sony Vaio laptops or something maybe....

    Firewire does kick much booty, but I agree that USB might win in the end....
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