The one thing I want in the new Doom: Doomguy's face


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Of all the games that have been announced recently, between Freedom Wars and Destiny, the only game that I'm particularly excited over is the reincarnation of Doom. Why? Because the original Doom is still the greatest game I ever played, and while none of the sequels captured what I subjectively consider Doom's perfection, they were double-barrels of fun and a hell of a good time. Get it? Because, shotguns, and imps, and... yeah, nevermind.

Anyway, I grew up with Doom. It wasn't exactly my first video game, but it was definitely the video game that basically got me into video games in the first place. I remember virtually everything about it, from the secrets to the sprite details, from the thrill of picking up the BFG for the first time, to being being too scared to continue. It was also the first and only game that I ever played with my dad, which is kind of a big deal to me, since the man hates videogames with a passion. I say "play with," but really, it's more like forcing him to beat the scary sections for me while I hid in a corner.

It's hard to imagine that there was a time when Doom was ever scary when many horror games don't even make me blink, but it happened. In short, Doom holds a special place in my heart, hence why I regard it as the epitome of the shooting genre even today, and why I'm so excited to see a re-imagining (the fact that it's rumored to be inspired by Brutal Doom is a great boon for it, too!).

But of all the suggestions made by the community (and I agree with a number of them), one of the things I really want to see is this guy:

I don't mean in the sense of a playable character, it's sort of a given that you're going to be playing as "Doomguy," given that he's a generic (albeit awesome) marine that's supposed to be you. I mean in the sense that you get to see his face on screen even as you play. I mean, think about it. It's true that Doom didn't come up with this concept (Wolfenstein 3D was responsible, I believe), but it was one of the most notable and memorable aspects of Doom, as it was the only insight you had to your character and the only insight you actually needed.

It was a great way to keep track of your health without having to look at the numbers, and despite him being you, it gave the impression that you were never really alone when playing through the game on single player. Doomguy was there, gritting his teeth as you held your trigger finger on the... um... trigger, for lengthy periods of time, and he was also there, smiling creepily alongside you when you first pick up the BFG.

Even despite giving the impression that you weren't completely alone, Doomguy and I always felt like one and the same; I may be a skinny, fairly long-haired geek while he was a muscular, demon-shredding machine with a buzz-cut, but his facial expressions when something happened in the game seemed to perfectly reflect exactly what I was feeling at the time.

While I can't exactly call Doomguy's face being iconic despite how much I believe he's etched in our memory, I have to admit, it just wouldn't feel like a proper Doom game to see the face go away in the next outing. Even if, regardless of his presence, I'm going to pick it up, anyway.

It may seem like a stupid idea, seeing this guy's face all the time in a modern shooter, and admittedly having him as part of the HUD seems pretty random. But it's completely possible for Doomguy's face to make a return without feeling oddly out of place as a disembodied floating head. Remember this?

In case you don't see it, that's Samus' face reflected on her own visor as she scans her surroundings in Metroid: Prime. She's revealed clearly enough, only appearing briefly at certain lighting angles and moments so as not too bother the player a lot.

I can't help but think how awesome it would be to see his face, once again, in the latest outing of Doom in much the same manner, his reflection flashing, grinning as he guns down the hordes of the underworld with gusto in glorious High-Definition and facial mo-cap. Heck, for the added "you" effect that the devs were originally going for, maybe even a camera option to have your own face "reflect" in the Doomguy's visor?

What do you guys think? Think that a Doomguy visor face reflection would be a cool throwback to seeing Doomguy's face? Bad idea? What do you guys want in the new Doom?

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I'd love to play the original DOOM 1 and 2 with a little upped resolution, so it doesn't look as ugly on today's big screens.


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That bloody grin is awesome! But I would replace it with Obama face :) Or maybe Jim Carrey :) or something like that...

On the second thought, Rodney Dangerfield got the right face for it :)



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The only thing which DOOM lacks today is better resolution - at least 640x480. I play DOOM regularly every week. Together with more futuristic ST Elite Force 1 are only two FPS I keep on my PC.

DOOM is classic example of the rule that game doesn't need wow graphics and tons of useless features. All what matters is climate and game-play and on both counts DOOM scores 15 on 10 points scale.