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The Sims 2: failed to find any DirectX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters!

By terrymc ยท 29 replies
Dec 28, 2005
  1. NeekaFly

    NeekaFly TS Rookie

    What do you mean by crack the game and how do you do it??
    because I also am having problems so maybe I need to do that
  2. misseskimo

    misseskimo TS Rookie

    well you need to make sure you put it in the right folder, and run it in the right way, i managed to do it now with no problems
    i crack my game cause i always lose my discs lol, so when you've downloaded the crack extract it to a folder on your desktop, then copy it to programfiles/eagames/thesims../tsbin and then it should prompt a copy and replace and say yes, then send that application icon as a shortcut to desktop.
    if that doesnt help or make sense let me know lol :)
  3. NeekaFly

    NeekaFly TS Rookie

    I am such a confused blonde
  4. misseskimo

    misseskimo TS Rookie

    lol dnt worry im blonde too :) thats why i failed about 5 times in the past at this haha
    its doable! ermm ok well if you want to crack the game, it means you would be able to play without the disc.
    firstly though try reinstalling then see if it works.
  5. randomgoddessx

    randomgoddessx TS Rookie

    Same problem, but when I go onto 'dxdiag' it says that Direct3D and two other Direct things are unavailable and I there's no where I can press enable...
    Have I not installed it properly, or is it something else?
    NOTE: I recently deleted loads of files off my laptop to make room for some games, could this be to do with deleting a needed file?
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