The sims 2 save game folder

By Baluu
Jun 6, 2006
  1. Im haveing trouble at sims 2,
    It saves its games to C: (document & setting) even thoug the game is installed to D:.
    And its not really good thing cos the C: drive has only space for windows files and i cant seem to find any way to change the saveing folder.
    Does any one know how the save game folder is changed in sims 2???
  2. Sharkfood

    Sharkfood TS Guru Posts: 1,019

    Hi Baluu,
    This is actually how most new games are starting to handle things and by Microsoft standards for multi-user operating systems, this is correct. It is important that the drives used for "My Documents" have ample diskspace as this allows multiple accounts on your computer to have their own data. It also makes it easier to backup critical data, documents, game saves and configs in one handy location.

    For example, if another family member wanted to play Sims2.. you would simply make them their own account under XP. When they log-in to that account, they can have their own desktop settings, color schemes and when they launch Sims2 or other XP-compliant games, their saves and configs will not disturb yours.

    If you have an erroneosly configured XP install- one where the My Documents folders are on a drive without free space, you can remap where My Documents is located. Unfortunately, your current My Documents will already have some important data within (such as your desktop, icon placement, theme colors, etc.etc.) so you'll need to copy these first, then remap. You'll also have to do this manually for every new account you make on your PC if you make additional accounts.

    The way you do this is:
    1) Shut down ALL applications, messengers, programs, etc.etc.
    2) Pick a location on a drive with ample space and create a folder. If you currently or in the future wish to add new users, you may want to make sub-folders for additional users. (Example: create a folder on your D drive for "User Data", then put a folder in there named "Baluu" or whatever your XP login name is, then inside that folder a "My Documents" folder).
    3) Open up the REAL My Documents (usually a shortcut on your desktop or start menu) and copy all the contents there to the new folder on the bigger drive.
    4) Right-click on the REAL My Documents folder and select Properties from the mouse-menu.
    5) You can now change where My Documents for the current user is located.

    Triple-check what you enter here and try opening the My Documents link in start-menu/desktop to ensure you re-mapped it correctly. If you see all the contents, you may even wish to restart your computer, inspect the right-click/Properties to ensure it's using the new mapped My Documents path, then you can freely purge the one on your C: drive as your system will now use the new one.

    Any new games you save, word-processors, applications will now go to your new "My Documents" folder versus the one on your C: drive.

    Good luck!
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