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The SIMS problems

By Hodsocks ยท 14 replies
Jan 3, 2004
  1. Does anyone have any ideas about problems with The Sims. I have a friend who's daughter wants to play Sims but everytime she tries to play it it starts to load and then goes back to the desktop. If she uninstalls it and then reloads it it will play OK but when she restarts the machine it will not start again. She is trying to play the Superstar expansion pack. None of the fixes (and there seem tp be many) on the Sims site seem to adress the problem.
    When she uninstalls the game it also removes the games that are part of windows which is weird.
    The rest of the programs on this machine seem to run OK.
    It is a Packard Bell running windows XP home.
    I have reloaded windows XP and also ran a diagnostics check and everything seems to be OK,
    I know of other people who are also having problems with Sims, is there something peculiar about this game or are they all unlucky?
  2. Nodsu

    Nodsu TS Rookie Posts: 5,837   +6

    If you read the relase notes for Superstar then it tells you about a codec issue. Fix that.

    Also, the sound.far file that came with Superstar was buggy. Use google to find instructions on how to get around that issue if the codec fix didn't work.
  3. F.A.Vaughan

    F.A.Vaughan TS Rookie

    It is probably to late now but I had this problem and it turned out to be out of date DVD driver software
  4. EmmaMiss

    EmmaMiss TS Rookie

    The Sims

    i had the sims on my computer a while ago but then it stuffed my comp up so i uninstalled it. Now i am trying to install it again but it keeps saying an installable virtual device criver failed Dll intialization. Choose 'close' to terminate the application.
  5. splitline

    splitline TS Rookie

    Same prob... Lots of probs with The Sims

    There seems to be alot of problems with the Sims..
    First off you have to correctly install the expansion packs in order the them to work properly.. Other problems occur after you update XP, since before the update XP did not use key areas of the systems memory. After you update XP, XP then uses memory that The Sims uses.. This is becuase The sims uses dynamic memory, you can see this when the game loads up... So when you try run the game after updating XP(YOU MUST UPDATE XP UNLESS YOU WANT WORMS and HACKERS TO INFRINGE UPON your Computer!!) XP will shut it down since The SIms is trying to use memory the XP is using..

    This is very bad design and a feel EA and MAXIS should refund our money with out shipping back the disk.. This could be prevented if the developers did a little more work...

    The FIX.. Download the update at or some other website found from googe or yahoo.... But this might not work...

    Still more problems...
    Your CD ROM can't find the correct CD ROM... Hhmmmm... This could be from several reasons.. Check out the list from

    Still more problems..
    Unable to fully uninstall THE SIMS....
    There is a program called ClearReg.. (I think...) On the CD Rom that will clear the program the your REGISTRY... . , but even if you do this the program will not be completly deleted from you PC.. SO you have to manually delete it yourself..

    So.. Try this completly uninstall The SIms from the PC.. Reinstall, download the fix... Stop all non critical programs from the running and hope for the best..

    The major problem seems to be from the UPDATES XP recieves..

    This could have been prevented, MAXIS and EA seem to like bad products..
    I would call EA and MAXIS and demand them to fix it or refund your money...
  6. sammysbabe

    sammysbabe TS Rookie

    my sims do the same thing

    my sims tp the same thing they go back to my desktop can someone give me help on that
  7. cassieannwilson

    cassieannwilson TS Rookie

    try making sure all your drivers are updated...i had the same issue at one time and that helped a bunch...also have you went to the sims web site? they have good suggestions there as well....also i learned the hard way, dont uninstall and try to reinstall .....i went trough crazyness trying to get mine back on...i hope it works for you if not i will keep thinking on it
  8. Margot.

    Margot. TS Rookie

    Install Sims 1 or 2

    Make sure that you've installed the sims 1 or 2
    after that you can play the other sims [superstar , ... ]
  9. Kourtneyx3

    Kourtneyx3 TS Rookie


    i tried downloading the sims complete collection and than it gets to 95% and than it asks me to put in disk three and than it says your volume is wrong or your sound is wrong, and than it won't let me do anything, what do i do ?

    please helpp!
  10. nadim al-jamal

    nadim al-jamal TS Rookie

    hi i am nadim and i want to become friends with you
  11. katie8

    katie8 TS Rookie


    I tried downloading Sims 2 and it stoped at
    TSdata/Res/Sound/Voice5.Packge which was at 17%, does anyone know how i can fix this and get past it?
  12. Neyla

    Neyla TS Rookie Posts: 21

    Wow. I have the Sims aas well(everything but House Party) and I had it all installed onto my old computer. And that computer was really bad, only 64mb of memory and 300 RAM(wooow really bad haha) but it all worked fine. I'm going to try to install Sims 2 onto a different computer(not the one I'm currently on) and it says I have to update the DirectX from 8.0 to 9.0 but that computer doesn't have internet. We're going to try to just get the internet on it just for me to install but yeah. I just felt like sharing. XD
  13. georgethornton

    georgethornton TS Rookie

    sims superstar

    Hi my name is George. I've got Sims superstar extension pack. It installs disk 1 perfectly fine, but when it tells us to insert disk 2 to continue it doesn't recognise the CD. I get the error message "This is the incorrect CD" or something along those lines.

    Any reasons for this? Anyway to get it sorted?
  14. soccer8squirell

    soccer8squirell TS Rookie

    can anyone plz plz plz help me i'm trying to install the game when it says to put disk 2 in, when i put it in i get a message saying "this does not appear to be the correct CD" I dont get it it is definentally the right one.
  15. btuck1

    btuck1 TS Rookie

    I installed The Sims Triple Deluxe and The Sims House Party Expansion Pack. Every time, at the start of the game, it says 'balancing emotional values' (or something like that, )the screen goes black and reverts to my title Page. I have Windows XP Home
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