The Ten Commandments of Data Loss Prevention

By vbrauner
Sep 17, 2007
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  1. My 1st tips:

    The Ten Commandments of Data Loss Prevention

    1. Thou shalt schedule regular backups.
    2. Thou shalt perform regular backups.
    3. Thou shalt verify that your backups are functional.
    4. Thou shalt store your backups somewhere away from the office.
    5. Thou shalt leave your computer in an environment free of humidity,
    dust and smoke.
    6. Thou shalt use power surge protectors.
    7. Thou shalt use anti-virus software and update it frequently to
    scan and screen all incoming data and emails with attachments.
    8. Thou shalt handle your computer with care and protect it from
    9. Thou shalt turn off your computer if it makes any unusual noises.
    10. Thou shalt dissuade both children and volunteers with good
    intentions, but lacking computer knowledge and skills, from using
    computers containing very important data and files for human error
    can be unkind to data.

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