...the weird noises just won't stop!!!

By freakuency
Nov 1, 2006
  1. ...heh! going for most interesting title of a post award!

    anyway, ive been trying to solve a problem that ive had with my laptop now for the last few weeks.

    its creating a clicking sound, rhythmically, approximately every 4 seconds, and it sounds VERY similar to a scratched harddrive, but... i thought it was the hard drive originally and bought a brand new samsung 40gb drive. installed it, and sure enough, the noises have started again. they seem to be originating from the left hand side, where you'd rest your palm.

    i get performance spikes and the only indication is that system idle goes from 99% to approx 75% and (the rather helpfully named) system jumps to 24% for about 1/2 a second and then back to normal...

    apart from being annoying with the clicking sound, it affects process's if im running a couple of applications at once!

    here's a sexy pic to try to show whats going on...


    this, as i said from a fresh hard drive, is not a spyware / virus / malware issue... this is the first time this install has gone online!

    oh, the computer is a hp omnibook xe3 (gc) p3 700mhz and 256mb sdram.
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