The Xbox Series X's SSD is so fast that it breaks The Witcher 3's loading screens


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You should just not speak if you dont know what you're talking about the custom ssd is double the speed of xbox and they've already said and shown a pcie 4.0 expansion slot for an extra ssd while xbox has their memory card as well as the custom AI controller they built helps speeds even more
4.8GB VS 7 GB/s isnt "double the speed". The 9GB/s speed is only in very specific scenarios and is not a sustainable speed.

Not that it really matters. Outside of lowering load times things like texture assets will still be dependent on VRAM capcity and the like, as even at 9GB/s the ps5's SSD is orders of magnitude slower then the VRAM of the PS4, let alone the 5 or the more powerful series X.