There is something wrong with my new WD 7200 HDD

By FallenOne
Jan 2, 2006
  1. Hello all,
    I created a thread the other day asking for advice on a problem I was having installing windows onto a new rig I built. It can be found here, along with the specs of the computer:

    Okay, I think there is somethink wrong with my HDD. I am no that familiar with SATA drives, and this is really preventing me from doing anything more. I have set the HDD to non-RAID in my BIOS, and I have enabled the SATA 1 and 2 controllers, and have set the boot priorities correctly to the CD drive, then the floppy, then the HDD. What is wrong here??
    I also tried installing the driver that the MB came with for the SATA connectors (though the manual told me I wouldn't need it unless I wanted to run in RAID mode). In order to install the driver I need to put the CD on a floppy, so I inserted the CD, it asked me whether I wanted to create a driver floppy, I said yes, then I inserted a floppy and it gave me this error after a while:

    Address mark not found
    Can not redirect input from file ''.
    Reboot system now
    press any key to continue.

    What is up with that? Is there something wrong with my floppy now too?
    Thanks for your helpful replies.
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