Thermaltake Core X9 Review: You could fit more than one system in here

By Steve ยท 4 replies
Aug 31, 2015
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  1. The Core X9 is a behemoth, boasting a bar-fridge-like 122L capacity -- large enough that Thermaltake says dual systems are on the menu, not to mention the possibilities for liquid cooling and file servers.

    You may recall we reviewed an even bigger case a few years ago, the Lian Li D8000 which offered a 145L capacity and could accommodate 20 hard drives for $330. The Core X9 isn't quite in the same class, though that is also reflected by its surprisingly low price of $170.

    "Super Towers" or "Ultra Towers" such as the Lian Li D8000, Cooler Master Cosmos II and Corsair Obsidian 900D typically cost upwards of $300, so we're eager to see what Thermaltake's Core X9 delivers for almost 40% less.

    Read the complete review.

  2. gazmatic

    gazmatic TS Member Posts: 20   +7

    Maybe I didnt read it correctly but what are the dimensions?

    length, height, width, in inches or centimeters.
  3. Steve

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    It's all in there including the weight. But to simplify it here you go...

    Dimension (H x W x D)
    502 x 380 x 640 mm
    19.8 x 15 x 25.2 inch

    Weight = 17 kg / 37.5 lb
  4. gazmatic

    gazmatic TS Member Posts: 20   +7

  5. Boilerhog146

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    I like Big bold cases., I couldn't own this one .I would then have to fill it with kit .,lol.

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