Things that make you go OOPS! (HELP ME PLEASE!)

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Dec 30, 2007
  1. Deleted Winlogon.exe :dead:

    My Moms/sisters computer was recently infected with a virus, "altnet" "IEupdate" just to throw those out there. But I am not here to ask for a fix. (for the virus anyways) But, I did some research and found some running processes that are coorilated with the virus. I couldn't find them, in the task manager like the site said, or in search. and a multitude of spyware removal tools and virus scanners (trusted programs) and they can't stop it. Not norton, not ad-aware, it sucks. The virus causes many pop ups that tell you that you have such and such worm, this and that, and says to get "SUPER SPYWARE REMOVAL" (i made that name up) which you click yes-it sends you to the site(bad), you click no-it doesn't send you to a site(not so bad) or you click the top X- and it doesn't send you to a site(still bad, but most likely not as bad as clicking no)

    So I decided, since this thing hides so well. I might be able to locate it with a better advanced task manager. So I found a program called "advanced task manager" which is a clean program (i hope) because I currently have it on my computer, and it hasn't done anything bad.

    So I was able to EVERYTHING that was going through the computer. what programs were running, what files were running, what programs were running those files. and so I would wait for a pop-up to show on screen, and would try and see what processes/files/programs were showing up whenever I got the pop-ups. I semi-unprofessionally concluded that it was "SvcHost" quarantined that, nothing really happened.....and conluded to "winlogon.exe" I quarantined that (BAD IDEA!) computer shut off, goes to reboot, gets to the XP load screen, finishes loading, monitor reads "no signal input" then it restarts and does it all over again, and again, and again.

    I do not know if the file I ended was actually winlogon.exe it could have been "Winlogon.exe" "Winlogin.exe" "WinIogin.exe" "WinIogon.exe"

    anyways, if you have made it this far in my story, is there any possible way to fix this. I feel bad, because I know this is my fault. My mom currently thinks that the virus just went into High gear. I really need to fix this, because my mom LOVES geneology, and has save-files, pictures and data of her geneology research. and seeing as she has probably spent a good 300+ hours with her Hobby, I would never be able to live that down... being the cause of the loss..... The computer is replacable, its some cheap-$150-$300 so either buy a new one or repair it. which the repair is probably expensive and may not even be able to save the harddrive files. unless I can do it myself. I'm thinking along the lines of getting into Command prompt-whichever "F-" button gets you there during startup. give me some input, please help :dead:
  2. Tedster

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    what exactly are you asking for help with?
    IF you deleted a system file, then run a program like undelete (and don't write to the HD until you do) to attempt to restore it. Otherwise you will have to break out your XP disc and attempt to do a repair. In any case, I would transfer all the DATA files to another device. BEFORE you do, ensure the system is clean.

    If you are asking for virus removal help, be precise with the name.
  3. The_Comanch3

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    its been fixed. kist to clarify I put "Winlogon.exe" in quarantine.... which immediatley(sp?) shut down the computer and made it unable to load past the windows xp load screen.... but its been fixed

    as for the virus, I do not know anything about it really... I'm not positive, but I think it is called Adware-Altnet (don't know if the adware is part of the name) I think the adware is just the result of a Bigger Virus within the system.
  4. Bobbye

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    Well, I made it this far as well and am not sure what you're asking!

    " says to get "SUPER SPYWARE REMOVAL" (i made that name up)"- it's too bad you made the name up instead of giving the right name! Maybe then we could have told you what you infected the computer with!

    Edit: you posted as I did.
    AdWare.Altnet.l is Adaware Software that is displaying pop-up/pop-under windows containing advertisements when the primary user interface is not visible or displayed advertisements are not related to the product.

    Please note for the future- when giving the name of a suspected malware, it must be "exact", not 'I think'. See the following for help removing:

    DO NOT use any System Restore points. You need to drop them by disabling SR, then go back and remove the check to 'turn off' The infection has gotten into the restore points- that's why you haven't been able to get rid of it.
  5. The_Comanch3

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    kist = just ... =(
  6. Tedster

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    what did your anti-virus/ anti-trojan call call it? If it is AdWare.Altnet.l , then quit using P2P software. Such programs are dangerous as you cannot control the shared computer's security.
  7. Po`Girl

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    And which one of those 27 solutions fixed it ? :haha:

    People of the future are relying on you to put the fix

    at the bottom of the thread.
  8. Bobbye

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    Po Girl, I'm drawing a blank on kist = just ... =(

    Couldn't even ID the Emoticon!
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