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think i got a psu prob but help would be fandabbydozzy

By Kate Wiles
Jun 23, 2005
  1. ok so heregoes i got a 400 watt psu and after placing a new dvd writer in side it started to freeeeeeze what a pain in the nether regions this was so i went to see if it required a bit of tlc so i cleaned the drive after it did this guess what yes it froze so i rebooted it and then i defragged it and you guessed it froze after completion so i rebooted it now the sodding thing only boots cd and second hdd i changed them over and it wouldnt boot at all so getting annoyed by this point.so iput it all back and it rebooted and froze so ihave left the thing to cool which in this heat is almost impossible changing power points helped is it possible that one connector strip can go faulty this could be a start

    any info is a plus as if it wasnt bad enough going bald but by the end of this with th e wife witteringi almost surely will be

    thank god its her machine and while i am writing this she cant see what im writing nowafter this im sure i will pay dearly for this
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