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Third party software disparity between hardware

By Sevenstringer
Mar 23, 2016
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  1. So..

    Here's an interesting thing I've not run across and perhaps you all can shed some light on it.

    I have a third party piece of software, developed by a company I work for, and all I can say is that it's a Public Safety piece of software, and it will run perfectly well on a laptop or a desktop format, but when I put it on those little Panasonic Toughpads, the fargin thing will crash the program every time.

    I've tried a whole spectrum of troubleshooting, windows issues, hardware conflicts, updates, etc. but everything seems to be jiving, not creating any conflicts that I can see, etc.

    Both platforms are running Windows 7, there's no 32 or 64 bit issues, it's the same version of the program both running on 32 bit machines.

    There is some proprietary hardware that is used during the program, plugged in by USB, and the drivers are all loaded properly, assigned to com ports properly, and all is functional.

    Any ideas why a piece of software might run perfectly fine on a notebook or desktop and not on one of those smaller toughbooks? Anyone had experience with 3rd party software having the same problems? I'd love to go talk to the coders about it, but they're no long with the company and I'm just stepping in to try and fix the damage in conjunction with the new coding team.

    My only random thought after spending a few days trying to troubleshoot and playing that game of Whack a Mole, is that perhaps might there be a conflict being created by the touchscreen input and the external device since they both basically utilize a com port type of setup as an input device?

    I've contacted Panasonic about it, but have yet to hear back, and I thought I'd reach out to the community for some unbiased opinions and thoughts.

    Thanks in advance all,

    Adam (Sevenstringer)
  2. Sevenstringer

    Sevenstringer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    P.S. I know this was moved to Software and Apps, but I think it may be a hardware problem.. that's why I posted it there first.. however, it was moved.. so we'll just go with that in the event you may see this and think.. this should be in hardware..

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