This company will pay you $41,000 to play games for a year

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Where I live that's decent money. You could live modestly but comfortably and probably even afford a small house. I'd happily turn gaming into a job even at the risk of it making me hate gaming. I already spend half my time reporting bugs, finding workarounds for stupid design flaws, modding, etc - at least this way I'd be paid for my time.
You could own your own home with that? Sounds like paradise to me.


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Watch out brother, Q is in your yard. They are not happy you haven't paid your dues lately. They sent 1 alien and 2 Gubment talking dogs to collect from the Pizza Hut in town where they are guarded by Hillary Clinton and Mitch McConnell.

Don't tell me you believe in the bat theory?
Do you also believe Batman is a real person?
If so, you're in for a big surprise...


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Sign me in. I can even do it for half the money. Average salary in my country is quarter of that sum.


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1 year of playing games = 3 years of eating at MacDonald's once a day. That's how healthy it is.

$41,000 will buy you a nice coffin, when are you done.
With this math I've been eating McDonalds everyday for.... 75 years! On top of that I eat McDonalds like, maybe 2 times a year.. so it's even worse than I imagined! How am I still alive?!


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Precisely this; I can understand why video walkthroughs on YouTube have replaced the cumbersome Gamefaqs, but I have no idea why people tune into some random person live-streaming their pointless gaming.

I cannot comprehend why folks will tune into video game and watch the same game that hundreds of thousands are already playing, instead of just joining in themselves.

Highlights getting passed-around on social media. I can totally comprehend (uploaded by the person recording, but previously seen by no one except those originally involved in the raid), but it boggles my mind why you would watch hours of doing the same old ****, different day.

Is taking a crap now also acceptable to be recorded and shared online on my new Twitch channel? I want to get in on this new pointlessness on the ground floor!

It's the same argument why people watch Sports. It doesn't matter if YOU don't get it... I personally don't really care to watch Sports, I'd rather play them. It's a different mentality about things. Kids want to watch people that are really good at games play them, just like other people like watching people that are really good at sports play them.


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Wait I have done some projects in the UK (Ascot and Alderley Edge) and they said the Average is closer to £32k. I'm not trying to correct you just wanting to get the facts from actual people and not some fudged up internet "statistics".
Maybe not for long after Brexit :p