This Nintendo Switch accessory boosts screen size by 188 percent

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In brief: A Washington-based startup recently wrapped up funding for an unwieldy Nintendo Switch accessory that increases the handheld’s screen size by 188 percent. UpSwitch’s Orion is essentially a portable monitor / dock for the Switch that features an 11.6-inch display. It connects to standard IPS and OLED Switch models via HDMI, and has slots on the sides to lock your Joy-Con controllers into place.

Orion also features integrated stereo speakers that promise to upgrade your audio experience, a built-in kickstand, a headphone jack and a USB-C port so you can charge while you play. Using a set of Velcro straps, you can also attach a battery pack to the rear of the unit for additional power on the go.

In a discussion thread for the accessory, UpSwitch notes that Orion weighs 1.6 pounds without a battery pack. We’re also told the screen is IPS and defaults to 720p “but is capable of accurately simulating 1080p resolution.”

Although it is billed as a Switch accessory, Orion can be used as a portable monitor for any device with an HDMI connection.

Longtime Nintendo fans may recall a similar accessory for the original Game Boy. The Handy Boy was an all-in-one accessory featuring a screen magnifier, amplified speakers and a thumbstick / button attachment.

Orion has already met its funding goal on Indiegogo. At $249, it’s $50 more expensive than a standalone Nintendo Switch Lite or $50 cheaper than a base Switch. In lieu of a Switch Pro, is this the next best alternative?

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All I see are people looking down with curved spines... If you watch a screen, please try to have a good position. Put the screen on something at eye level or try to reduce impacts on the neck area by having something holding your head.


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One thing that I would newer want when the switch is mobile is to make it heavier. I imagine they made these ad shots with bodíbuilders xD Nice accessory for using in bed tho