This TV spot for 'Forza Motorsport 6' races through 40+ years of driving game history

By Shawn Knight ยท 4 replies
Sep 7, 2015
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  1. The sixth installment of Turn 10 Studios’ popular racing franchise is a little over a week away. With Forza Motorsport 6, gamers will have more than 450 cars at their disposal as they soak in what’s likely to be some of the best-looking graphics in a racing game to date.

    Turn 10 has turned out a television spot for Forza 6 that’s sure to strike a chord with longtime racing game fans. The minute and a half clip takes viewers on a wild ride through racing game history with references to classics like R.C. Pro-AM, Pole Position, Ridge Racer and more.

    Forza Motorsport 6 is scheduled for release on September 15 exclusively for the Xbox One.

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  2. BlueDrake

    BlueDrake TS Evangelist Posts: 378   +112

    Kinda interesting to see the various games, that were being represented and wonder how many everyone can name. =)
  3. Matt B

    Matt B TS Rookie

    Well - if it counts - Forza 6, for a start... Then was that Outrun and Ridge Racer I spotted? Kinda sad that Buggy Boy wasn't in there!
  4. Linoleum77

    Linoleum77 TS Member Posts: 23

    Sprint, RC Pro-Am, Pole Position, Chase HQ, Ridge Racer. Unfortunately, no Outrun or Daytona USA...
  5. RebelFlag

    RebelFlag TS Addict Posts: 147   +78

    Can't see the video because I am at work, and we block streaming video, but one of my favorites was Crusin' USA. Was especially fun to run people off the road with the school bus.

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