This Windows 10 bug can corrupt your hard drive just by opening a folder


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This story just goes to further affirm my belief that most people are just dumb and or stupid when it comes to computers mostly the same people who believe Nigerian Prince's want to give them millions or hot Asian woman want to marry them for love not money or residency


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That's Microsoft just being Microsoft. I reported bugs in some of older Windows and Internet Explorers (when they mattered) and they didn't fix the bugs even 10 years later. I mean, that's just hard to comprehend. Even if the bugs were deliberate holes, once everyone knows about them, they have to be fixed.

Although to be honest, Linux had similar problems with SSL, and Android has like 10,000 security holes by design.


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I know I may be beating a dead horse, but I enjoy my switch to linux more and more very often
I have been enjoying my dozens of Linux PC's over 2 decades, too, but still have a few uses for Windows apps, and was blindsided by a recent Windows 10 update on a dual boot PC that wiped out the Linux partitions. I have done that 100's of times over the years, and this was the first time I had that problem. A 'net search turned up the fact this is not an isolated problem, so as a warning, be very careful about such a situation.

Some research led me to a procedure to convert the Windows partitions to virtual ones under Virtual Box or VMware, so I will do that before I do any more Windows updates on the dual boot PC's I care about. Keeping the updates under the control of a Linux-based Windows vm "should" protect the Linux partitions (I hope...)
Windows 10 = CANCER. Upgrade to Windows 7.
YES! I run 7 on several computers and have 10 only on one I can't stand to use. Thought I should learn it! (Now not sure why??) I'm an old fart and I mostly us all my computers to try and keep my mind sharp (or at least awake.) As long as 7 does everything I want I will keep using it. I love UNIX. I would love to go strictually to Linux but I'm not sure I want to go to the trouble of finding enough cross-platform stuff to do everything that the Windows apps I have do. I started in a UNIX environment and even now use SUA utilities (VI, sed grep diff, sdiff etc.) for serious text modification. So easy for text to load into a spreadsheet.


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I know I may be beating a dead horse, but I enjoy my switch to linux more and more very often
I went full Linux at home. Sadly at work I still need Windows. Blasted Adobe CC.

Biggest thing I miss on Windows? Updating all the software on my PC and the OS itself with a few terminal commands. I know there has been a couple projects that have tried to bring similar functionality to Windows, but none of them work as well as Linux does.