TikTok is poaching Facebook employees


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In brief: It seems Facebook doesn’t only have to worry about social media rival TikTok stealing users. The Chinese-owned company is also poaching Mark Zuckerberg’s staff after it opened an office in Silicon Valley.

According to a report by CNBC, TikTok, which is owned by Chinese company ByteDance, recently moved into premises that had been home to the Facebook-owned WhatsApp team. The new location places it a few miles from Facebook’s Menlo Park headquarters.

LinkedIn shows that TikTok and ByteDance have posted several job positions in the San Francisco Bay area. Since 2018, the company has hired over two dozen employees from Facebook.

Two former Facebook workers who are now at TikTok say its attraction comes from working for a popular social media company that is experiencing extreme growth. The fact it also offers salaries up to 20 percent higher than Facebook’s is likely to help its appeal.

CNBC writes that Facebook isn’t the only company where TikTok’s been poaching staff. Snap, Apple, YouTube, and Amazon have all seen employees leave to work for the app.

While it still boasts over 2.4 billion monthly active users worldwide, Facebook is increasingly viewed as the social network for ‘older people.’ In a recent survey, thirty percent of those from Generation Z (born after 1996) say they no longer use Facebook, preferring the likes of Snapchat, YouTube, and Instagram. Other previous surveys have shown that the social network is rapidly losing teens and millennials.

TikTok lets users create short videos of themselves, often with music in the background. Both the app and ByteDance now claim to have over 700 million daily users, but Facebook is aiming to grab a share of the pie with Lasso, an almost identical application, and is reportedly adding a TikTok-style feature called clips to Instagram.

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Chinese government silenced countries and businesses so well, that those who go work for their companies often don't even realize they are aiding oppressive degrading regime that forces their people into hybrid slavery.
I wish Chinese people that they like Russians, eventually realize that freedom means something.
And a cage as comfortable and fancy as it can be, it is a symbol of something a person with dignity self respect and deep contempt toward that being on the opposite side will always be fought.

The problem is, as8oles know how to suppress speech so well, and now they are using everything west has invented to do it even better.


Silicon valley is riddled with Non-Compete clauses in employment. You get blacklisted if you violate one of these.