Time loop thriller Twelve Minutes is coming to Xbox One and PC in 2020

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
Staff member

Twelve Minutes from indie developer Luis Antonio was one of the highlights of Microsoft’s E3 press briefing on Sunday. Due out in 2020 for Xbox One and PC courtesy of Annapurna Interactive, the game tosses players into the role of a man having dinner with his wife. The evening goes about as poorly as possible as a police detective interrupts their meal and kills you.

Except, you wake up right back at the beginning of the scene.

That’s right, you’re stuck in a time loop and it’s up to you to use the knowledge of what is about to happen to try and change the outcome, thus breaking the 12-minute loop. Fail to unravel the situation the right way and you’ll be forced to try again… and again.

Antonio has been working solo on the top-down narrative adventure for more than four years. That’s a pretty long development window although given the unique nature of the title, it is understandable why it has taken Antonio so long to reach this point.

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