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By izx2
Apr 18, 2006
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  1. Hello, I am currently doing persuasive paper on Katrina, and the sources we are given are articles from TIME Magazine, the issue of September 12, 2005 or the October 3rd one. And being me, I did not get all my citations in class where the sources are. Please help me out on telling me what pages "The Aftermath" and "Act Two" are. Just give me the page #'s of where they are. (Example: PG. XX-XX) I didn't know other forums to turn to so I HAD to go to TechSpot, where I know is reliable and filled with great members. Also can you tell me where it says "zero tolerance". My local library doesn't have the magazine and I couldn't turn anywhere else. Anybody with those specific TIME magazines PLEASE help! :dead: I wouldn't want to get my citations mixed up! I know it doesn't have to do with TECHNOLOGY but I posted it in the GENERAL section. Thank YOU!

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