Time to invest in some new fans?

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Jan 12, 2005
  1. Ok guys, I read the top thread, but I have to find out, I have 1 CPU fan, 1 PS fan and 1 case fan, yet my CPU runs around 69-75 C during BOOTUP, and my comp has been restarting randomly. To me, it appears to be a heat problem, but I want to be sure before buying new fans.
  2. olefarte

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    If it gets that hot on bootup, what does it get to under heavy use? Must be way to hot.

    Another fan could do nothing but help. But I am wondering if you have checked the heat sink on your cpu for dust accumulation. You would be amazed how much dust can collect inside your computer. If you haven't done it, check it, and if you see dust present, buy a can of compressed air, and carefully blow it out, along with everything else inside the case. Be careful and don't let the fans spin to fast, as you might damage the bearings. Also check your air intakes, as they might be clogged up also.

    By the way, welcome to TechSpot.

    PRELUDiCON TS Rookie

    I got me some of that for that purpose ... but before using I read the label, and it made me not go through with it.

    The label said something about the spray leaving some sort of residue or something and that all electronics have to be unplugged before using it, and afterwards, you have to wait a while for it to 'evaporate' or something before plugging in and using the electronics again.

    Seems like there is some liquid in these cans ??? Not just air. So I decided I don't want to spray 'I don't know what' on my components....

    Someone please enlighten me :stickout:
  4. AtK SpAdE

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    all i know is dont hold the can upside down and spray or you will get frozen stuff out (unless you like to freeze bugs like me). I try not to hold it down too long either.

  5. ellomoto

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    Yep you are correct, the air is so pressurised that it turns to a thin liquid when sprayed out of the can...

    atk spade is deffinately correct about the upside down can thingy...Freezing bugs is a cracking idea though...must give that one a go lol
  6. Anarchi

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    There are two things to look out for for overheating problems:

    1) Too much or too little CPU grease - apply a very thin uniform layer only! Too much grease can drastically reduce the heat transfer. CPU grease is designed to fill in the *very* small gaps between the CPU and heatsink. Too little grease or cheap dried up grease can also cause problems.

    2) Excess dust in the heatsink - this happens to me all the time. Nothing a vaccuum cleaner cant fix though :)
  7. Chaos_Stryke

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    Can dust be such a big factor?
    I dunno, i havn't been dusting my comp.
    But my video card has been overheating, and i just cleaned it out.
    I hope it works, because it was going all crazy on me, artifacting, funny lines etc.
    anyway, how often do you dust ur comp?
    and man, for the guy who posted this
    Your comp is WAY to hot, wth are u running man?
    lol i run a super hot prescott and my mobo temp stays about 30 C!
    i guess i have a decent system
    But i only have one fan, on the side.... blowing out =D
    i should get more fans shouldn't i.
    But my case is pretty damn small
    and the front intake is blocked by teh case, what do i do?
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