Tiny11, a compact custom version of Windows 11, is now even smaller and offers more features

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Why it matters: Tiny11 is a modded version of Windows 11 designed to take up as little storage space as possible. Developer NTDEV has now released the most recent update to their experiment, which is even smaller than before while including almost everything a proper Windows operating system should have.

The Tiny11 version released earlier this year was the smallest Windows 11 build available to date. Now, the Tiny11 2311 version has been released by NTDEV. The new build is based on the actual 23H2 release of Windows 11, the developer says, and it's 20% smaller than the older Tiny 11 image while being even more functional at the same time.

Tiny11 2311 also provides full support for Windows' upcoming cumulative upgrades, and is "fully serviceable" with the issues previously affecting its update capabilities solved. The mod now includes the latest and greatest features of the most recent Windows OS, including native RAR support, a redesigned volume slider, RGB controls in the Settings app and much more.

Some features like the AI-based Copilot chatbot require users to install the Microsoft Edge browser, which can be achieved through the Winget tool. Just like in the previous releases, Tiny11 2311 includes only the bare-bones features for Xbox and other OS components. Users can always bring the complete features back (including .Net framework 3.5 or new language support) if they choose to do so.

All things considered, NTDEV states, Tiny11 2311 fixes most, if not all the nagging issues affecting the mod's previous releases. The 3.1GB ISO of the tiniest Windows 11 x64 release is available to download safely from TechSpot.

The Tiny11 project isn't designed to condone piracy, therefore the latest OS build doesn't come pre-activated. Users will have to provide their own genuine license. Microsoft recently retired the previously available option to activate modern Windows versions with an old Windows 7 or Windows 8.x key, and this goes for Tiny11 as well.

Tiny11 2311 should be able to run on systems that are not officially supported by Windows 11, providing just the most essential applications for daily computing tasks including Calculator, Notepad, and Paint. The Microsoft Store is available as well; users can install additional apps if they feel so. Using a custom version of Windows is traditionally frowned upon for security reasons, while a test run of the smallest Windows 11 system to date in a modern VM shouldn't cause any pain to most curious users.

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I tried to install it on i3 2350M and the laptop hung .(a previous release of Tiny 11 ). I ll never try this thing again . Yep , I used the option - /product server to circumvent the TPM sys req . Probably it still needs TPM 1.2 .
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Just installed it last night and after playing with it for over an hour I would strongly endorse it. I did install it from VENTOY which makes a difference for some of my installs, not sure why. The optimization for gaming is easily adjusted through the interface and I'm having no problem running any of my games. Good stuff!!!
I tried to install it on i3 2350M and the laptop hung .(a previous release of Tiny 11 ). I ll never try this thing again . Yep , I used the option - /product server to circumvent the TPM sys req . Probably it still needs TPM 1.2 .
Alright. Try the other way to bypass TPM. I've never even heard of your method. During the windows setup from the USB when the language screen is present do shift+f10 and open regedit, hklm system setup, create labconfig folder in the setup folder, create dword BypassTPMCheck and set it to 1. TPM is dead.
Microsoft also personally delivers versions of Windows that use as little space as possible: https://mcr.microsoft.com/en-us/product/windows/nanoserver/tags

These are container images for Windows Server (they call it Server Nano) and they remove all user interface/display elements, so not useful for everyday purposes. However, they've stripped down Windows Server 2022 to just 117 MB. For comparison, the full size Windows Server 2022 container is 3.86GB. However it also is required to run on top of Windows with the "Windows container" feature enabled (that is probably primarily for licensing purposes).

For comparison, a common, stripped down Linux container (Alpine) is only 3.24 MB: https://hub.docker.com/_/alpine/tags. This is a compressed size and of course requires some host to run on top of.
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I've been using Tiny 10 on an E-350 based Toshiba Laptop.

I wanted to use it for RDP, watching youtube, mail and browsing.

Before that I tried Windows 10, ubuntu and even linux mint and they performed about the same which is pretty much unusable. Opera barely making a difference.

Tiny 10 is a huge difference, finally I can run outlook, excel and even browsing with Edge, I can watch youtube videos @720p and that's pretty much it.

I guess I could give Tiny 11 a try.