Tizen OS to power Samsung's entire smart TV lineup in 2015

Shawn Knight

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Samsung's entire 2015 smart TV line will be powered by its homegrown, Linux-based operating system known as Tizen.

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The bigger question is are they finally gonna beef up the security on these smarts tv and add some kinda firewall to the Operating systems.
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Another reason for Samsung not updating their current smart TVs like they done on all their smart TVs ,, Hint get a Sony Smart Blu-ray player and dumb TV and save yourself money..


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Meh, smart T.V.'s are a bit overrated in my book as most devices we can get at this point are smart in some way. For instance from my Cable company all my boxes are TiVo they provided and allow my phone to connect to the apps that support it (YouTube for example) and do whatever I want.

I get the point that some people would like to use certain extra functions on their T.V.'s but at this point I am more interested in the quality of the T.V. itself and functionality than I would smart features. I bought a TCL T.V. that is not smart but has a high refresh and such for much cheaper while delivering a great quality picture even compared to very high end T.V.'s I looked at and I have not regretted the purchase yet.

Though Tizen OS is pretty nice, will be interesting to see how this plays out but I have not been keeping up on this front so I guess I will have to.