Tnt2 m64 drivers?

By duderoks
Jan 5, 2005
  1. Hey
    I have win me and the video card nvidia riva tnt2 model 64 pro agp 4x, I installed the detonator drivers 66.94. There is no problem with my desktop but with my games there are not good graphics and in some platform games like harry potter 2 harry will not stand still he moves around when no keys are pressed. Has anyone had this problem before? what are the best detonator drivers for my video card and what are the original drivers for my card and where i might get them? Should i try going back to an older version if so which version?
    thanking you in advance
    p.s. I have tried removing the detonator drivers in add/remove programs and leaving the original drivers but it doesnt come in proper colors it comes in the same colors as in safe mode. I got this with the computer and so i did not get an extra cd for the drivers. and when i try to do automatic install it comes up cannot find file. Could the drivers be on the system restore cds? if so how do i install them without doing system restore?
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    i have a similer card well i used to and it was 16mb nivida TnT 2 it sucked but what vgasgmc sent u sould sove the broblem

    PS: i got a ati redion 9600 128-bit 256 mb 89.99 from www. graphics r gret just wanted to let u no if u do extreme gammming like cs source or sims 2 get a better card but i hope your problems r ressolved


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