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May 28, 2007
  1. Okay lets start at the begining. Bought the compaq sr1710nx at like 500$. Heres some specs. 256mb ram AMD persario 3400+. The ram wasnt just good for me. I looked in my bios to see what type of ram i needed to buy, and its pc3200 (which is right). I went to office depot, bought a 512mb pc3200 ram stick thing. Then while i was playing world of warcraft i stumbled on a error. Saying the cache was unbuffered or something. So i looked at blizzards error page and they said to run windows memory diagnostic (WMD). WMD said that i had problems with test #5. So i thought one of the sticks were bad. so i tested ea of them and no errors...period. But somereason when they are combined, they have errors. So i thought they might be different clock speeds..or different somehow. So i went and bought the EXACT same memory stick (512mb kingston ram) at office depot. took the 256mb (came with my computer) and put in the 512mb.So now in my comp i got 2x512mb identical pc3200 ram sticks. ran WMD and STILL SAID ERRORS ON TEST 5. So now im madder than crap. So some people said that i need to change the speed in my bios. So i looked in the bios and guess what i see. 90% of the things in there are grayed out. I cant touch them. So i looked around for a new BIOS for my computer (ive been googleing things for a month now). Nothing. So yesterday i found this program that changes the speed of your ram in a program using windows. I tried it. it worked fine. but i have to change the speed everytime i turn on my computer. This is a .exe program. Its called Memspeed. I googled it and nothing came up except maybe 2 things. But anyway i turned off my computer at night and woke up and turned my computer on and ran "memspeed" and i thought i might want to see what would happen if i turned it up a little (i went from regular 400mhz i think..too 466) and at 466 it froze up. so i had to hold in the power button and turn it on. So im like ill try it one more i boosted it back to 466...still froze up. held the button in and turned off...turned the computer back on and it said "DISK BOOT FAILURE, INSERT SYSTEM DISK AND PRESS ENTER" and of corse im scared to death. I googled this error and someone said to see if its detecting you HD in the BIOS....its not detecting the HD. OS: XP sp2 Im so mad right now. could ANYONE have the littlest clues. PLEASE say them. Im willing to do ANYTHING it takes to get this computer working in one piece
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    Shut down, pull the plug, hold the power button in for a second or 2, open case, pull Bios battery and leave it out for 30 minutes.

    Install battery, leave case open, insert plug, press power button.

    What happens?

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    Clearing the CMOS settings is what you want - move the jumper and LEAVE IT ALONE for 20 minutes.

    Then restore.

    edit: follow my instructions BUT move the jumper versus pull the battery.

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    Okay i just wanted to say. You have seriously made my day. I accidently moved the PW instead of the CMOS and it booted up to the windows...but im not sure about the HD things on it..

    [EDIT] All my files are safe. Now to the memory problem...any hints there?
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    If you want more memory, then check the HP Compaq site for specs and buy EXACTLY the same - you wanna maybe check out their forums 'cause obviously people posting there about memory for your model will be talking the same thing.

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    Alright...i called compaq and this ladys like "your out of warranty...would you like to buy this extended warranty for ninty nine U S dollars" "no, i can fix it myself." "exuse me sir?" "I CAN FIX IT MYSELF" "this warranty will be very useful for you. whenever you have a problem. compaq will fix it" so i just hung up. im going to see if its kingston..the brand of my ram...but i mean THANK YOU TONS AND TONS. your like my hero.
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