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Jun 22, 2015
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  1. The new Gigabyte GA-X99-UD4 mo/bo I just bought has a 64GB RAM capacity. Some people say the CPU can only utilize 16 GB's of RAM. It is an Intel Core i7-5820K 6-Core. When I finish my build in August I will install Windows 10 Pro edition. Am I wasting money if I install more than 16 GB's of RAM/ I will be doing a lot of Rendering and Animation with the new machine.
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    It is not the CPU that is dependent on memory. Your CPU (aside from 32-bit) will utilize all memory the motherboard can configure. The application is what dependent on both CPU and memory. 16GB is a good place to be for starters, especially if you are rendering and working with animation.

    That depends on the application and how you use it. Basically the larger your project the more memory you will need.
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    You're right! My mistake about the CPU. I should have said that I heard that the O/S could only utilize 16GB's of RAM. But, I also read somewhere that Windows 10 Pro could utilize up to 128GB's. Do you think I should just install 16GB's initially and add more if needed?
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    Without knowing for sure how much you do need, that is precisely what I would do.

    Note: I am currently happy using only 8GB of memory (and that is without a Pagefile setup).
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    Thanks for your input!
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    The amount of RAM you are using depends a lot on the OS/version and the software and what exactly you are doing. My son and daughter both tinkered around with animation and large Photoshop and Adobe files. That kind of activity, especially animation requires powerful processor and lots of RAM. If you are going to put this on Windows 7 64 bit then don't use the Home version. Use a better version that can use more RAM. Try looking at this website:
    Win 7 64 home premium has lower limit of 16gb.
    Win 7 64 Professional has a high limit of 192gb.
    Your motherboard has to support higher RAM usage also.
    For instance I suggest an X99 chipset motherboard which has 4 RAM slots and supports quad channel RAM usage and higher MAX RAM usage limits. Unfortunately to get to this level of quality and capacity, the motherboard typically costs about $200+. Normally this is reserved for a workstation build or high end power users.
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    I appreciate the list. I intend on going with Windows Pro 64 bit with an Intel i7 5820K CPU and a Gigabyte GTX 970 GPU. So, I'll start with 16 GB's and add when needed. Thanks again!

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