Toshiba L25-S119 Keyboard Skipped Characters (Remedy)

By PurpleC4
Apr 11, 2006
  1. Toshiba L25-S119 Keyboard Skipping Characters (Remedy)

    My Toshiba L25 laptop is less than 6 months old and has always had an annoying problem of skipping characters when I type. At first I thought it was a keyboard sensitivity problem, the way I was striking the keys, etc..... but soon realized it was an input problem. The problem was fully correced by updating the BIOS.

    Here's how I was able to fully correct the problem
    First, open the Toshiba utility called Notebook Maximizer. Mine was located at: "C:\Program Files\Notebook Maximizer\toshiba.exe"

    Next; select the System Info tab at the top of the page and review the list. Approximately 9 lines down you will find your systems current BIOS information. Mine was version 1.20 ~ not surprisingly, the latest is version 1.80.
    If your BIOS version is an earlier version than 1.80, then go to the Toshiba Support Homepage and select the Download button. You will be asked to select your computer type and model. Complete the requested information and select GO. Once again select the Download button and a list of available updates will be displayed.

    I selected the BIOS update version 1.80, downloaded and installed the newer version. Problem Solved!!!!!!

    I hope this helps. The choice to do this is your own.

    ~ Purp
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